Is Morocco the Next Great Olive Oil Producing Region?

Greece, Spain, Italy, California. These are the world’s most notable regions when it comes to olive oil. But there’s a newcomer to the world’s olive oil producing stage — Morocco.

Already one of the biggest exporters of table olive, the North African country is also aiming to become one of the world’s largest olive oil producers over the next few years. Helping olive oil producers is a national initiative called Green Morocco, which was started in 2008 to help transform the country’s agricultural sector into a stable source of growth, competitiveness and inclusive economic development.

morocco_agricultureUnder this new government-backed plan, the country expects to boost the number of acres reserved for oil trees. Additionally, a staggering 2.5 million metric tons of oil olive is expected to be produced by 2020.

Today, Morocco’s olive cultivation is increasing, accounting for 15% of the country’s national agro-food exports. With about 45% of of the working population employed in agriculture, the olive business is a key area that the government believes will help reduce unemployment and create thousands of new, permanent jobs.

As a strategic priority for growth, olives are becoming an important local product. With the government’s steady and substantial investment, Morocco may just become a tour de force in worldwide olive oil production at a level on par with more established regions.

For more on Moroccan agriculture and updates on olive cultivation, check out the Moroccan Center for Export Promotion’s website.