Centuries after the Greeks and Romans built thriving empires on the nourishing benefits of Olive Oil, the Mediterranean diet continues to show its promise. A mainstay for people around the Mediterranean is olive oil, an ingredient enjoyed and revered by writers, philosophers, gladiators, fisherman, and countless people the world over.

In the 20th century, numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of adhering to a Mediterranean diet. Today, research continues to suggest that regular consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in particular has many therapeutic properties.

At Soil and Sol, we aim to be more than just an olive oil company. Inspired by travels throughout Spain and the Mediterranean, we’re committed to fostering a new way of thinking about olive oil. Our focus is on making olive oil a more beloved component within our ever-busier days.

Our delicious olive oils are a healthy addition to your diet, bringing with them numerous health benefits, incredible flavors and aromas, and a better way to enjoy food.